Top tips on decorating your home for the holiday season

Red and green may be the trademark colours of the holiday season, but if you want to wow your guests, try experimenting with alternative colour combos. British design icon and television personality Debbie Travis has named berry pink the colour of the season.

“This was a hot colour this year for clothes and we know home always follows fashion,” she says.

This deep, cheerful pink with a hint of purple is a refreshing twist on the traditional cherry red of the holiday season. Travis chose the colour because it adds a touch of sophistication and fun and goes well with modern decor, complementing dark wood and metals such as silver and gold, which have risen in home decor popularity in the last couple of years.

“I think it’s a really happy colour for the holidays and it’s got that little bit of an edge to it,” she says.

Travis has teamed up with Canadian Tire, offering an exclusive line of berry pink holiday decor. She offers her top tips for holiday decorating with the hue.

1. Break decor rules

“The whole point of the holidays is that it’s the one time of the year to throw all those decorating rules out the window and have some fun (with colour and combinations),” says Travis. While berry pink may not be a colour you would choose for your living room walls, she says we should forget trying to match holiday decor with our everyday themes. Ignore the idea that you need to use traditional colours if you have traditional living room furniture or contemporary ones if you have a modern living space.

2. Switch it up

Change your holiday decor each year to create interest in your home, she says, since we tend to have the same people over at Christmas. While you don’t have to throw away all of your decorations and start anew each year, simply adding a new colour of the season and pairing it with holiday staples such as gold, silver and white can create a whole new look that will keep friends and family guessing what your home will look like.

3. Choose a main colour

Select one colour as your main thread, then add complementary winter colours such as white or silver. Although Travis says it’s impossible to go overboard with colour during the holiday season, toning it down with a contemporary metal such as gold, silver or a neutral brown tone can make the colour really pop in your space.

4. Experiment

Take a twist on the traditional red and green colour combination and try something unique, like pairing berry pink with peppermint or lime green to give your decor a more contemporary look.

5. Get organized

Before hanging decorations, Travis spreads everything out on the floor to see how ornaments look next to each other. Try incorporating a variety of textures, patterns and materials to create interest such as mixing ribbons in quilted and knitted textures with feathers and ornaments.

6. All the rest

Decorating is not just about the tree. It’s important to create a unified look by adding touches of holiday colours throughout all areas of the home where guests will be, says Travis. Hand towels in the powder room, ribbons on the backs of chairs, table decorations and a wreathe on the front door or in the window above the kitchen sink — all incorporating your chosen holiday colour — help to create a cohesiveness to your holiday look.

Source: Lisa Evans, In Homes

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