Canadian home décor trends for 2015

Every year, home decor trends change, drastically at times, so no one is recommending that you gut your home on a year-to-year basis. Rather, it might be nice to add certain elements of these home decor trends for 2015 so that they have longevity and don’t make you shudder in disgust come the next year.

Here are 5 home decor trends for 2015.

Multi-speed jets/handheld shower heads

The shower is one of the places that the home decor trends for 2015 is headed.

The master bathroom shower should be a place to escape and enjoy a hot, relaxing moment away from the world, so it’s fitting that the new trend would be to have multi-speed jets built into the walls. Imagine the feel of the water against your back, relieving those sore muscles… sounds delightful.

Navy and plum

Don’t bust out the buckets of paint just yet. While these rich varieties of blue and purple are a welcome treat for many, going at the walls with such hues may make a room feel smaller and may not appeal to home buyers at large if you plan on selling.

Rather, invest in furniture or accessories in these colours. Plum throw pillows work well with yellows, lime green and even beige. A navy couch works well with yellow, white and dark brown.

Wood window frames, doors and garage doors

If you’re the type of person who prefers a home that exudes beauty from end to end and are willing to deal with the required upkeep (or pay someone to deal with it), may I introduce wood on the outside. Yup, despite our brutal winters in many provinces, many homeowners are opting to have window frames and front and garage doors made of wood.

It’s absolutely gorgeous, but the upkeep is not exactly a walk in the park. You need to wash it once a year and if it begins to erode, you need to prime and finish it. But it sure is beautiful.

Oversized paintings on canvas

If you aren’t a big fan of wallpaper or painting your walls all kinds of freaky colours complete with texture, you may want to invest in over-sized paintings instead. They don’t have to be priceless works because, let’s face it, not many of us will be found at a Sotheby’s auction anytime soon.

There are some incredibly beautiful and original paintings that make great conversation pieces and are timeless enough that they won’t make you cringe in two years’ time.

Metal backsplash in kitchens

Move over ceramic, here comes something sleeker. New home builders are opting for a metal backsplash in the kitchen over the typical ceramic because it is easy to maintain and simpler to install. And while some may think that it looks too industrial, there are many varieties, including some that actually have a tile look, that will blow your mind.

These home decor trends for 2015 may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think we can all agree that there are some elements here that appeal to the decorator in all of us.

Source: Rosy Saadeh, comFree Living

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